Varna Library

Paskirtis: Visuomeninis objektas
Vieta: Varna, Bulgarija
Statybos rūšis: Nauja statyba
Etapas: Konkursas
Metai: 2015
Komanda: metrO – Julius Biliūnas, Paulius Kisielis, Algimantas Mačiulis, Tautvilė Džiugytė


Lighthouse is a cultural, knowledge based landmark, which rises above the surroundings. New building is a complex of two volumes connected by an inner garden – a public space for visitors. Individual reading cubicles are designed outside the main vertical volume, to enhance the „outside reading“ experience. Lower part of the building resembles residental buildings in volume and connects the complex to neighboring surroundings. The high-rise part of the complex forms a lighthouse/landmark effect for the city and connects the spatial structure to the Municipality hall. Entrance square works as an integrated urban public space, flowing from the street to the inside spaces, connecting outside to inside, and creates a gathering space for citizens. Existing green areas are modified to help the visual impact of a new landmark, creating a visual boundary of the new public square.
Basic concept of the functional scheme can be clearly identified in the spatial structure of the design. High-rise, light volume represents public and open services, dark volume contains all the administration, office, storage areas. Spatial interior characteristics can be easily transformed, connected, adjusted for different multifunctional purposes.












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